General Services

Expert Witness Services:

Mr. Moomjian readily qualifies as an expert witness in relation to litigation involving drilling and oil service contracts, shipyard rig construction contracts, compliance and general business activities. Having provided expert witness services in litigation and arbitration involving contractual disputes, patent litigation and compliance matters, Mr. Moomjian is available to assist clients and their legal counsel by providing expert testimony and associated services. Courts in the U.S. and the U.K. have recognized Mr. Moomjian’s expertise by citing several of his publications in decisions involving drilling contract disputes.

Advisory Services: 

Provides advice on all aspects of drilling, oil service, shipyard rig construction and E&P business activities, including contract drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution, business development, establishment of operations in new jurisdictions (including related agency or joint venture relationships), transactional matters and strategic initiatives.

Consulting Services:

Provides a full suite of general consulting services pertaining to drilling, oil service, shipyard rig construction and E&P business activities, including bids and proposals, contracting strategies, dispute avoidance and resolution, ethics compliance, crisis response management and general business matters.

Litigation/Arbitration Advisory and Consulting Services:

Provides advice and counsel to attorneys representing parties in litigation or arbitration involving drilling, shipyard rig construction or oil service industry disputes. Such services may be provided independently or in conjunction with expert witness services. Has been appointed to serve as an arbitrator in a London ICC commercial arbitration and as a mediator in an international dispute.

Training Services:

Provides public and in-house programs on all aspects of drilling and service contracts. In SEA, training is provided in commercial programs hosted by PetroSync.

Negotiating Services: 

Provides negotiating advice and counsel in respect of drilling and oil service bids, proposals and contracts. With extensive experience in negotiating contracts relating to the drilling, shipyard and oil service industries and resolving disputes arising therein, Mr. Moomjian is available to assist clients by participating in negotiation of contracts and resolution of formal or informal disputes.