Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Moomjian was quoted as a "drilling-industry expert and registered lawyer" in an article that appeared on the first page of the March 13, 2017 edition of WSJ.

Latest articles in Drilling Contractor magazine:

Mr. Moomjian was quoted in an article "Uncertainty Reigns in New Regime for Contract, Risk Management" published in the September-October 2014 Drilling Contractor magazine.

Mr. Moomjian authored an article "Drilling Contracts Evolve with Industry Expansion, Legislative, Judicial Trends" published in the May/June 2012 
Drilling Contractor

IADC/SPE Drilling Conference Papers (two of which were republished in SPE Drilling Engineering and IADC Drilling Contractor magazines):

"Contractual Insurance and Risk Allocation in the Offshore Drilling Industry" (a three-part series published in Drilling Contractor magazine that frequently is quoted in scholarly papers, legal briefs and court decisions):