Awards & Accolades

Professional Recognition

Mr. Moomjian is well-known throughout the drilling industry and, to quote three 1999 articles in Drilling Contractor magazine, is “widely regarded as one of the industry’s foremost experts on drilling contracts”. Another edition of the magazine noted that Mr. Moomjian “is also well-respected as an industry thinker and author”.

Mr. Moomjian was named Contractor of the Year by the International Association of Drilling Contractors in 1996, an award that “recognizes those individuals whose exemplary professional lives and leadership can be used as models for their colleagues to follow”. The award was in recognition of Mr. Moomjian’s “outstanding personal leadership and continuing efforts to promote the safety, efficiency and integrity within Santa Fe International Corporation, and the drilling industry overall”. The nomination noted that “Cary was invaluable in the early 1980s when turnkey contracts first made their appearance and since then he has steered IADC through thorny contractual problems associated with certain international markets. He has been involved in the development of standard IADC contracts for land and offshore drilling for the domestic and international markets. As a result of his leadership and name recognition, a large portion of operators continue to accept IADC standard contracts.”

In its press release announcing the Contractor of the Year award, Reed Tool Company noted that Mr. Moomjian “was instrumental in spearheading the drive to pass Federal legislation which, through the years, has saved drilling contractors millions of dollars in legal costs and judgments.”  The public announcement also noted that Mr. Moomjian is “well respected as an expert in industry legal issues."

In 2011, Drilling Contractor magazine noted that “there are few people in the industry who don’t know – or at least know of – Mr. Moomjian. If you’ve been to IADC conferences or participated in association activities, more likely than not you crossed paths with him. To say that he chaired the Contracts Committee for over a decade and has served on the Executive Committee for three separate terms barely scratches the surface of his contributions.”

In recognition of 26 years of service to the Santa Fe International Corporation, the Board of Directors adopted the following RESOLUTIONS on November 20, 2001.

    • Whereas, Cary A. Moomjian, Jr. has ably and diligently served as General Counsel and Secretary of Santa Fe International Corporation since January 1, 1994;
    • Whereas, his wise counsel and tireless efforts have contributed significantly to the implementation of best practices for the governance of and growth and success of the Company, and
    • Whereas, he has worked creatively and tirelessly in guiding the Company through various legal aspects of its initial public offering in 1997, its secondary public offering in 2000 and its merger with Global Marine, Inc. in 2001; it is therefore:
    • Resolved, that the Board of Directors acknowledges with admiration and gratitude Mr. Moomjian’s substantial contributions to the Company;
    • Be it Further Resolved, that the Board of Directors expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. Moomjian for his leadership, commitment and service to the Company and to the Board of Directors;
    • Be it Further Resolved, that we extend our personal appreciation to Mr. Moomjian for his friendship and support, look forward to continuing our personal and professional relationship with him in the future, and extend our best wishes for his continued personal success.

Individual Comments

"Among Cary's attributes is his uncompromising attention to detail. Cary has gained notoriety for his ability to craft a contract in a way that optimizes drilling rates while exercising the highest standards of business ethics. While he is known by clients as a tough negotiator, they also know him as a straight shooter and respect his honesty." - Former President and CEO, GlobalSantaFe Corporation

"During my corporate and professional career, as an attorney, general counsel, and a corporate officer, I have worked on literally hundreds of corporate transactions. In my experience, I have rarely seen anyone as effective as Cary was in the [initial] public offering proceedings...Cary was one of those who provided the 'glue' for the transaction to be completed. While we worked long hours, Cary always worked with us on a shoulder-to-shoulder basis to accomplish corporate objectives. Even though he has not had significant experience with public companies, Cary showed a sophistication in dealing with corporate legal matters and SEC disclosure issues that one rarely sees in a general counsel." - Former Senior Partner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP

I’ve always respected your work and professionalism. Best of luck in your new venture.” – President and CEO of a major offshore drilling contractor

“Hands down, the best lawyer I have ever dealt with in my thirty plus years in the oil and drilling businesses.” – former Executive Vice President, Santa Fe Drilling Company

“[Your appointment as General Counsel] is the result of your hard work, extraordinary ability and commitment to the practice of law, which has earned you widespread respect and appreciation”  – former Governor, State of California

Sorry I missed [your 2013 paper] presentation at the SPE-IADC Drilling Conference in Amsterdam] last week.  I . . . wanted to let you know that I heard so many glowing comments that I actually broke down and read your paper. . .  Great Job!  Please consider a follow-up paper as trial(s) unfold.  Having someone in the industry that understands [the complex contractual issues] and is capable of reducing it to terms that even I can understand is priceless.  - Senior Drilling Manager, ExxonMobil

Comments from members of the Ensco plc Board of Directors

“You played a central role in the transformation of Ensco over the past decade. I have been particularly impressed with your attention to detail in every facet of the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary roles – from contracts, to litigation, to our SEC filings and the Board minutes. Management and the Board could always rely on your legal guidance and judgment. You always thought things through, taking into account business impacts. You also set an example with your integrity.”

“I know that I can speak for the Board when I say that your extraordinary service to Ensco over the years is greatly appreciated.”

Comments from attendees at Mr. Moomjian's  Petrosync-sponsored training programs "Drilling Contract Negotiation & Management"

"[Cary was] excellent, combining theory and examples from the field. An excellent programme/training, I've learnt a lot." - Dev/Contract Admin - JX Nippon Oil & Exp. 

"It was very valuable discussion, I really enjoyed it and it was very well prepared, especially pre-reading materials. Thanks a lot." - Legal Advisor - Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. 

 "Essential fundamentals for contracts engineers involved in drilling rig related contracts".  Team Leader, Contract Services - Murphy Oil

"After course, [learned that] contract dealing is not for both parties to achieve better deals, it is about to make the deal crystal clear for both.  - anonymous

"Great course and instructor; sliced & diced every segment of a drilling contract"anonymous  

"Highly recommended. Highly experienced instructor gave practical views and experience related to drilling contracts". - anonymous

""This course is different & special because of the instructor's experience, knowledge and great sense of humor.  His answers are always very practical and straight to the point". - Manager, Rosneft Vietnam

""The instructor shows his experience - real life." - Senior Legal Counsel, Hess Oil & Gas Snd Bhd

"Well organized", good course materials. - anonymous

"Great instructor. the course is very helpful on preparing the pre-award contract and very useful for managing the post-award contract." - Contract Administrator, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia)